Conferencing and Functions - A Unique Venue

Hangar One is the centrepiece of our conferencing and function facilities, supported by a host of smaller conference venues all within the Aviator Hotel complex. Click on the links above to explore what we can offer.

Hangar One Hangar One Xmas Party Hangar One Event Hangar One Conference Hangar One Party Hangar One Conference Hangar One Party Hangar One Event Hangar One Party Hangar One Event Hangar One Product Launch Hangar One Conference

We believe that this location in Northamptonshire, in the middle of the country, offers a tremendous facility not only to local but also national companies, as it is easily accessible by road, rail or air. A customer recently informed us that their market research had shown that The Aviator Hotel with Hangar One and Hangar Two was the fourth largest conference centre in the UK. So, if you are looking for a large venue we are here and ready for business!

We believe there is a market locally for the "conference combined with an exhibition" type of event normally hosted at London venues at London prices. These are typically held by industry associations or organised by consultancies as information seminars. The exhibitions help fund the conferences. If you are involved in this area of conferencing please give us a call for more information, we will be delighted to show you our facilities.

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